Attorney General of Texas Emergency Notification System
1. Welcome to the OAG Emergency Notification System (ENS). To register, for your Initial Username enter everything to the left of the @ in your agency email address, in all in lower case letters with no punctuation or spaces. For Agency Work Phone enter your 10-digit work desk phone number without punctuation or spaces (check Outlook email if you are unsure what work number to use). Then select the "Authenticate" button. Please add contact information to receive alerts after-hours, including mobile phone and email address, then select the "Submit" button. Note the following:

2. After you authenticate, you will be prompted to create a new Username and Password. Please use your agency Login ID as your new Username. You will notice another section where you can change your password, however you do not change your password again. This is where the change password option resides if you want to to change it in the future.

3. On the tab with your contact information, you will click on the boxes to the right of your phone numbers to select whether you want to receive a phone call and/or text message. If those boxes are not checked you will not receive either.

4. Do not enter a phone number or email address more than once. Home phones will only receive a phone call but no text.

5. As a registered user of this system, you are responsible for keeping your account information current.The information will be kept confidential and will only be used to send you alerts.

6. The ENS will be tested at least once per year. Employees who elect to receive text messages are responsible for charges that their cellular service provider may charge.
Enter the authentication information provided by your organization.
Initial Username:
Agency Work Phone:
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